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"The Freak's Show" is a monthly show hosted by Freak Bassman that began on Raginpit Magazine.com. The show features some of the best underground metal bands on the West Coast. The show is focused on the genres of death metal, black metal, thrash metal and just about anything that Freak wants to play. If you're in a band and you fall into these categories, then email Freak your info and he will do what he can to get you played. Freak also will occasionally play bands that are not on the West Coast as long as he likes the band and feels they are good enough to be heard on the show.


There will be NO emo, hardcore, hip-hop, or any other shit like that played on "The Freak's Show".




So you want to know all about Freak? From his humble beginnings as an Amish doctor to the man you know today, Freak's life has been a never ending battle for truth, justice, and the safety of all working mothers in every darkly light club all over this great world of ours.

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